Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Understanding modern mums...Cupcake

Living in what is cited as the area in which most babies are born per capita in Europe, it is interesting to see how the commercial world has reacted to take advantage of such a skewed demographic. Enter Cupcake, a meeting place for future and present mums (and sometimes dads) to pamper both mother and child. The club (it's membership based) offers a café, a crêche from 4 wks to 5 yr olds, baby and parent classes or just classes and personal training sessions for you (I came across Daddy Karate being promoted).

Nothing too extreme you say. But then there are treatment rooms - from manicures to massages, facials to tanning etc. And when combined with the crêche facilities and baby classes, suddenly the club comes into its own. It focuses on what primarily mothers seek, rather than a pure add on service offered by the gym chain. Add therefore it was no surprise when the second branch opened recently.

In a world where one reflects on every minute and asks whether we used it wisely or not, I can see more and more of these types of club growing in popularity. It gives parents a place to increase little Oscar's development while burning off that unneeded second pasta helping the night before. While its current pricing structure would render it a luxury establishment, it may be with time that something more mainstream comes into play. Well done ladies for your spotting the growing untapped consumer need.

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